Acutherm Documentation


Square Therma-Fuser VAV Diffusers

24" (600mm) square

  1. ST Diffuser
  2. LT Diffuser
  3. TF Diffuser
  4. VA Diffuser
  5. TB Diffuser

12 5/8" (320mm) square

  1. TK Diffuser
  2. TN Diffuser
  • Thermally powered, individual comfort control
  • Lowest cost per zone of control
  • Low to no maintenance – 10-year warranty
Round Therma-Fuser VAV Diffusers

STR Diffuser

23 3/4" (603mm) round, thermally powered, individual comfort control

  • Round shape for use with streamline architectural features or exposed ductwork
  • Lowest energy VAV terminal
  • Low to no maintenance – 10-year warranty
Linear Therma-Fuser VAV Diffusers

TL Linear

TLC Continuous Look Linear

TLW Sidewall Linear
Linear slot, thermally powered, individual comfort control

  • Superior air distribution with an elegant architectural look
  • Aerospace-grade, extruded aluminum slots
  • Low to no maintenance – 10-year warranty
Building Automation

EF Interoperable Square Diffuser

EL Interoperable Linear Diffuser

ELW Interoperable Sidewall Linear Diffuser

E-PIM Static Pressure Control

Interoperable products designed to work with any BACnet or LonWorks DDC building control network.

Associated Products

Static Pressure Control:

  1. PIM

Supply Air Temperature Control:

  1. AZON


  • Static pressure stations creating pressure independence
  • Temperature modules for supply air temperature control
Options and Accessories

Wall Adjuster
Provides occupant easy access to the set points in the diffuser

Bypass relief rings for static pressure control

Ceiling Approaches
Installation options for other than standard lay-in ceilings